During the course of our 15-year history we have found ourselves using some pretty unique terms to describe what we do and what you should know about the companies we analyze. We fondly call these "Gradientisms." This “call-it-as-we-see-it-approach” is just one way we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace in helping our clients to reduce portfolio risk and increase returns.

  • A Healthy Dose of Skepticism
  • Bamboozling with Balderdash
  • Farkled
  • Discovering Alpha
  • When the channel is this full, has it officially been stuffed?
  • The fox is in charge at the henhouse.
  • The Ego Theory and the Greed Theory
  • Monotonic Return Distribution
  • Multi-Variate Analysis
  • Cookie Jar Reserves
  • No Preconception, Just the Research
  • MatchMaster
  • With Soft Assets Come Soft Profits
  • Means, Motive, Opportunity
  • Can you afford to be surprised?
  • Don't get burned in the market for excuses.